Wednesday 26 November 2008

Anna Netrebko: Souvenirs

Anna Netrebko: Souvenirs. Released November 2008 by Deutsche Grammophone. Further information here.

18 short tracks from the lighter end of the operatic and song repertoire, is what Anna Netrebko presents on Souvenirs, her fourth solo-album from Deutsche Grammophon. A website dedicated to the album may be accessed here.

As always, when such a wide variety of repertoire is presented, the quality is rather varied, as well.

Anna Netrebko´s dark-voiced soprano and straight-forward singing clearly seems best suited to the Slavian and Russian repertoire, as evident in the songs of Rimsky-Korsakoff and Dvorak, the highlights of this disc.

Most of the other repertoire on this disc doesn´t really suit her voice. Such as the songs of Richard Strauss, where the essential soaring quality escapes her; the Baccarolle from Hoffmann, where Elina Garanca actually makes the more convincing impression; the various operetta excerpts stretching her middle register to the limit and exposing an incipient unpleasant wobble.
Ideally, Deutsche Grammophon would focus their attention on what Anna Netrebko does best, such as the Russian-Slavian repertoire. Though it may be argued that on her best solo album to date - The Russian Album with Valery Gergiev, they did exactly that.

However, to expect her to excel in the entire operatic repertoire is unrealistical as well as unreasonable. At least when she may only be judged on her vocal qualities.
With these reservations, this disc is rather enjoyable and fans of Anna Netrebko will most certainly enjoy this. Others, however, may to a lesser extent.

Full tracklist may be found here.

The album is available in a deluxe version, with additional DVD-tracks such as the below excerpt from Czardasfürstin:

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Overall impression (scale of 1-5, 3=average):



Anonymous said...

Did you mean "Slavic" when you wrote "Slavian". I've never heard this word before. Presumably, you wanted to refer to Slavic nations.

Dr Yiapud said...

I really agree with is obvious that the best thing for her is to stick to east european works.But i think that everyone has the right to try something else.i like her a lot..because of her genuine presence.i shall disagree with your comment for operetta songs.i think she is great in that and even more if you see her singing them..!!
PS:for gypsy princess THE princess is Anna Moffo!!DVD release with rene collo...

Anonymous said...

Depuis le jour was without blemish, without "Frenchness", without excitement. Well sung but did not reach my heart. Everything seemed correctly done, as when a good student gives a recital, but I had no desire to play anything again.

Netrebko has a beautiful voice and is a gorgeous woman so that should assure her a long career. Perhaps I'm just too picky.

Frank said...

Pity she hasn't got a decent conductor: this one is crap.

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