Sunday, 16 March 2008

Rosenkavalier at the Berlin Deutsche Oper

Rosenkavalier, Deutsche Oper Berlin, March 15th 2008. Production: Götz Friedrich. Cast: Elina Garanca (Oc), Christine Schäfer (Sophie), Michaela Kaune (Marschallin), Peter Rose (Ochs). Conductor: Philippe Auguin

Judged by the tremendous applause I don´t think anyone in the audience would disagree that this was an immensely well-sung performance of the Rosenkavalier (more here)- with Elina Garanca deservedly receiving the major applause for her quite fabulous Octavian: She has everything this role requires: A beautiful firm voice (in many ways reminding of the young Christa Ludwig), a great talent for comic acting, providing an very convincing portrayal of the young boy Octavian.
Equally convincing was Peter Rose as Ochs : Wonderful low notes, a steady voice, and again, a great talent for comic acting. Funny, but never exaggerates into the ridiculous, making this Ochs a believable character, not just a parody.

Christine Schäfer was Sophie, and despite beautiful, stylish singing, the Sophie train may have left, if it was ever there: Never a specialist in innocent girls portrayals, the part does not appear to suit her dramatically. Also Michaela Kaune, a fine, but not a stand-out as the Marschallin with a beautiful voice, but somewhat lacking in characterization.

Philippe Auguin was competent, but the true flow and elegance of this music never really was transmitted to the audience. And Götz Friedrich´s production is from 1993, which shows: Stylish, but dusty. Modern in the outlook, but with no real departures from the storyline or new interpretative angles.

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Vienna. Garanca. Octavian. That is all.

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