Saturday, 29 September 2007

Katharina Wagner´s Lohengrin

Since most haven´t had the opportunity to actually see Katharina Wagner´s work, below I´ve posted two video clips from her Budapest Lohengrin from 2004. In particular the Final Scene gives a good impression of her style (as I gathered from her Meistersinger which I attended in Bayreuth a month ago).

Warning: Eva Marton is terrible as Ortrud - I´m amazed she´s still singing the part - already when I saw her Ortrud 6 years ago in Hamburg it was obvious that she was way way past her prime...almost as bad as Gwyneth Jones in Paris 1996 (if you don´t believe me check her clips out on youtube).

2nd act 1st scene:

Final scene 3rd act:

Cast: Ortrud: Eva Marton, Elsa: Sümegi Eszter, Lohengrin: Kiss B. Attila, Telramund: Béla Perencz Conductor:Juriz Szimonov. Budapest Opera House 2004


A.C. Douglas said...


Bayreuth is in deep trouble -- or will be come year's end.


Extatic said...

I'm all for new and different but I must admit; I don't get it at all.

In what twisted universe has that anything to do with Lohengrin?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these video clips. Very interesting.

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