Sunday 30 September 2007

The Bayreuth Succession - episode 6: Nike Wagner teaming up with Eva Wagner-Pasquier?

Previous episodes may be viewed here, and for new readers the background of this unique Wagnerian docu-soap is written up here together with the first epdisode.

Episode 6 sees the beginning of new family alliances against Katharina Wagner/Christian Thielemann.

Nike Wagner, gave an interview yesterday to the German radio station NDR, saying that:
"I can very well imagine myself leading Festivals together with my cousin Eva Wagner- Pasquier" and warned the Board of Directors not "to waste this unique chance for a new beginning in Bayreuth".

Katharina, on the other hand, has been giving approximately one interview per day this week, but not divulging any substantially new insights since her first interview (published here), except for a very slight hint to Kurier that Rienzi and Feen may be considered future Festival repertoire, as also reported here.
Unfortunately, Christian Thielemann hasn´t been giving any interviews yet - he usually manages to say something politically incorrect at least once during a long interview (to be reported here immediately, of course) unless he wisely decides to keep a low profile.

Gottfried Wagner, brother of Eva, seems to be maneuvring around a bit himself too. He apparently appeared in a television show yesterday on family and heirs, but no reports, as yet, regarding the contents of the show. He is however, a very unlikely future Intendant of the Bayreuth Festival.

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