Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Berlin: Verdi Requiem with Barenboim, Villazon, Pape etc.

Earlier this week, two performances of the Verdi Requiem were given in Berlin, with the Berlin Staatskapelle conducted by Daniel Barenboim and with soloists Anja Harteros, Sonia Ganassi, Rolando Villazon and René Pape (more here).

Generally there was praise to everybody involved in particular the male soloists and Daniel Barenboim, but overall reviews were very positive.


There was something touching to his performance, even though Villazóns famous subtleness has little power next to the sonorous René Pape and the soprano singers.

Berliner Morgenpost:

Rolando Villazón has recovered his cheerful singing and demonstrated his old skills undisturbed in a new garb. René Pape would have been sincerely missed if he did not take part in an occasion like this...

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