Monday 18 February 2008

Sold on ebay: Bayreuth Parsifal 2008 ticket for 452 Euros

For reviews of Stefan Herheim´s 2008 Bayreuth Parsifal - link here

The first black-market ticket for the Bayreuth Festival 2008 was sold on ebay today: Original price 159 Euro.. sold for 452 Euros. Considering that this is the new Parsifal production, I´d honestly have expected prices to go higher, which I am sure they will in a couple of months time. Last year, one ticket for Schlingensief´s Parsifal production was sold for 800 Euros..

For the sake of the buyer I hope the seller has disguised his/her identity sufficiently, though I wouldn´t be too sure since both the location of the ticket, category, performance date and orientation in the auditorium was mentioned. If the Box Office of the Bayreuth Festival manages to discover the identity of the seller, the ticket will be revoked, and the buyer denied entrance. Last year, several tickets were withdrawn from ebay, after the Box Office discovered the identity of the seller, and subsequently contacted them.

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