Tuesday 5 March 2013

the top 10 opera singers of today

renée fleming
anna netrebko
angela gheorghiu
anja harteros
joyce didonato
elina garanca
juan diego florez
jonas kaufmann
dmitri hvorostovsky
rené pape

1. 2nd revision of list on March 7th 2012, where plácido domingo is replaced by anja harteros. next to go are a) dmitri hvorostovsky if he does not improve upon his singing or b) angela gheorghiu if she does not expand her repertoire.
2. 1st revision June 17th 2012 after thorough deliberations, where waltraud meier and karita mattila from the initial list have been replaced by joyce didonato and juan diego florez.

Although there is most certainly always a subjective element to any top 10 list, the size of the singers career and popularity are important parameters alongside vocal quality.
My entirely subjective top 10 list below (random order):

eva-maria westbroek
anne schwanewilms (mainly in lieder)
waltraud meier
anna caterina antonacci
magdalena kozena (lieder and concert mainly)
karita matila
jonas kaufmann
peter mattei
gerald finley
rene pape


Unknown said...

Why no karita mattila?

peter said...

Based on your previous opinions I still am more than a little suprised that karita mattila is not on your subjective list. She may be past her vocal prime but there is still much beauty left and like waltraud Meier she is still a dramatic force of nature.

Anonymous said...

Matthias Goerne? Thomas Hampson??

Anton said...

How could Barbara Hannigan be left out. She is the most important singer today. Not only because of her singing, but also of the important job she makes with singing all the NEW repertoire... And her singing... Did you anyone see her Lulu? It's great beyond imagining!

mostly opera... said...

@peter: i guess you are right - andreas scholl is out, for the moment.
@anton: agree, barbara hannigan is an important singer, especially in new music. i didnt see her lulu, but i saw her in le grand macabre - her high notes were amazing.

peter said...

Thanks! I saw her as emilia marty last season at the met and she was astonishing!

Bogda said...

what about Cecilia Bartolli on the "objective" list. she's certainly a bigger star than many on it.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... I am confused. Which one of the list is your subjective top-10 list, the one above or below in the post?

My list (as amateur listener) is: 1. Elina Garanca and Juan Diego Florez; 2. Jonas Kauffman, 3. Dmitri Hvorostovsky, 4. Roberto Alagna, 5. Anna Netrebko, 6. Andreas Scholl, 7. Sondra Radvanovsky

Anonymous said...

Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Anna Netrebko, Elina Garanča, and Jonas Kaufman should be higher up on the list. You should also consider Roberto Alagna, Olga Borodina, and Stefan Kocán. These are just some of the BEST Opera singers off all time that you either didn"t know about or ignored their amazing talent.

Anonymous said...

Anna Caterina Antonacci...

Unknown said...

I love your subjective list. I agree with everyone on it, not because maybe they are the best, but because they are the singers I enjoy watching and listening to the most. I esoecially love your inclusion of Kaufmann, Pape, and Mattei. I was fortunate enough to see Parsifal at the Met this spring. I've never heard better singing. Most likely it will be my seminal live opera going experience. P.S., I love your blog. I have been following you for many years and I trust your opinions and reviews.

In Ohio, USA

Marilyn said...

It is all a matter of opinion but Cecilia is surely one of the best.

Unknown said...

Great list, glad to see the beautiful and talented Anna Netrebko on there.

Anonymous said...

My list: 1. Peter Mattei, 2. Joyce DiDonato, 3. Jonas Kaufmann, 4. Juan Diego Florez, 6. Luca Pisaroni, 7. John Relyea, 8. Diana Damrau, 9. Rene Pape, 10. Bryn Terfel

Anonymous said...

Diana Damrau!

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