Monday 2 June 2008

DVD: London 2002 Il trovatore

Il trovatore. Royal Opera Covent Garden 2002. Production: Elijah Moshinsky. Cast: José Cura (Manrico), Veronica Villaroel (Leonora), Dmitri Hvorostovsky (Count di Luna),Yvonne Naef (Azucena). Conductor: Carlo Rizzi. Further information here.

Moshinsky´s Il Trovatore is mostly a dark, traditional affair, which seems to be set in late 18th century Italy. The filmic quality no doubt may be attributed to set designer Dante Ferretti, well-known for his previous work in film.

Superbly acted Manrico from José Cura, though vocally he strayed rather far away from pitch and was patchy at times. Equally fine dramatic acting from Veronica Villaroel, who furthermore sang a fine Leonora, though perhaps not an ideal voice type for this sort of spinto role. Yvonne Naef was a strongly sung Azucena with the required heft, though a bit restrained. And Dmitri Hvorostovsky was a beautifully sung Count di Luna, a part very suitable to his exquisite legato-lines. Not normally a notable actor, he nevertheless seemed quite into the part as well.

Carlo Rizzi conducted without being memorable one way or the other.

Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Il balen del suo sorriso:

The bottom line (scale of 1-5, 3=average):

José Cura: 3
Veronica Villaroel: 3-4
Dmitri Hvorostovsky: 4
Yvonne Naef:4

Elijah Moshinsky´s staging: 3

Carlo Rizzi: 3

Overall impression: 3

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disgracedcouncilman said...

I do have this on dvd. Not the best but I mostly got it for Hvorostovsky and he delivers. His voice is beautiful and one wonders why Leonora prefers her rather mediocre Manrico when she could have this silver-haired demigod.

The staging looks pretty but the time period seems a bit late for witch burnings. I loved the on-stage murder though - the last few minutes are really intense.

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