Thursday, 1 January 2009

Paris: Christine Schäfer and Jonas Kaufmann in Marthaler La Traviata

Christoph Marthaler directed this La Traviata in Paris 2007 featuring Christine Schäfer and Jonas Kaufmann, which is rumoured to be released on DVD in 2009. José Van Dam is Germont pére, Sylvain Cambreling conducts.

Marthalers trademark (as seen in his previous stagings of Tristan and Katia Kabanova) is to set the operas in an everyday environment reminiscent of Eastern Europe in the 1970´s. It appears he sticks to that pattern for the Paris Traviata.

Based on the video-clips, I´d say that Christine Schäfer is a smashing Violetta: Cool, but still fragile. Jonas Kaufmann is a superb actor, however Alfredo doesn´t seem to suit him vocally. As Jonas Kaufmanns voice is very dark, it may be the part is simply too high for him optimally. That said, there is nobody I´d rather see as Alfredo on stage today.

La Traviata opening of Act 1 - Christine Schäfer and Jonas Kaufmann:

Christine Schäfer - Sempre libera:

Jonas Kaufmann - De miei bollenti spiriti:

Final scene:

From GrandTierBox, Foly90, orfnos

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