Tuesday, 6 November 2007

BAYREUTH breaking news (sort of..): No decision as yet...( Bayreuth Succession part 12)

The Board of Directors of the Bayreuth Festival held their long awaited meeting tonight regarding a possible successor to Wolfgang Wagner (88) as head of the Bayreuth Festival.

According to Der Spiegel:

Wolfgang Wagner was not present at his meeting, but his lawyer stated that he had no plans to retire.

Several Board members publicly expressed doubts of the suitability of the K Wagner/Thielemann/Ruzicka constellation.

No decision regarding Wolfgang Wagner´s successor was made

All members of the Wagner family interested in leading the Festival were invited to present their concepts to the Board of Directors at a later meeting.

So it seems this docu-soap may continue for some time...


daland said...

What is becoming less and less understandable is the decision of restricting the candidacies to Wagner-family-led teams.

If the Board decides to evaluate different options and Konzepte, why then not to issue an "open tender" to any competitor that has the prerequisites? For sure out there, at least a dozen of non-Wagner individuals-teams deserve the prize!

mostly opera... said...

You are right of course....however, I´ll have to admit that I like the idea that the Festival is run by a successor of Richard Wagner, although admittedly it seems like others would be more qualified for the job.

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