Monday 12 November 2007

Is this a compliment?

While you apparently have to be a genius to understand AC Douglas´ blog, my blog seems to operate on high-school level. Meanwhile I´ll try and figure out how to interpret this rating scale.


daland said...

here's a blog of mine open to any reading level:

mostly opera... said...

Actually I don´t think it is...when I put your blog throug the programme, it comes out with the GENIUS label, so I suppose one has to be a genius to understand your blog, which most if not all of my readers obviously qualify to be anyway, so in practice that shouldn´t be a problem of course...

daland said...

Of course that was a joke!

Here the level of some popular sites:

BBC, ONU, CocaCola: elementary school
CNN, NYT, Toyota: junior high school
WhiteHouse: college undergrad
CIA: genius (?!)

And the (owner of the tool): junior high school

Any conclusion? Is the tool a joke itself?

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