Sunday, 8 March 2009

Munich: Karita Mattila and Christian Thielemann in all-Strauss program

The past 4 days (March 5-8th) Karita Mattila and Christian Thielemann have appeared together in three concerts with the Munich Philharmonics in Munich. Karita Mattila´s contribution to this all-Strauss programme was to sing Drei Hymnen.

Volker Boser writes in Abendzeitung (not online):

You have to thank Christian Thielemann for finally allowing us to see this extraordinary Finnish soprano live again. The three Hölderlin-Hymnen op. 71 requires the utmost level of excellence to bring off: The voice is like an instrument and has to go against the explosions of the orchestra. As Karita Mattila did this with wonderful legato, blooming high notes and the utmost distinction, she was simply tremendously convincing. Not only Munich, but also Christian Thielemann lay at her feet.

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ringtones said...

Karita Mattila has really become well rounded in her singig abilities. She started with lyric soprano and now sounds great singing a wide range of opera.

Daren Singh

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