Tuesday 24 January 2012

Munich Don Carlo with Kaufmann, Harteros, Pape

Don Carlo. Bayerische Staatoper, January 22 2011 LIVESTREAMING. Prod: Jürgen Rose. Cond: Asher Fish. Cast: René Pape (Filippo), Jonas Kaufmann (Don C), Anja Harteros (Elisabetta), Anna Smirnova (Eboli), Daniel Boaz (Posa), Eric Halfvarson (Inquisitor).
  • According to the opera house about 459.000 people watched the free online-streaming, which worked perfect in my region (Scandinavia).
  • Jürgen Roses semi-abstract and dark production serves the opera well, though in some scenes I´d wish for a torch to be able to see exactly what was going on.
  • In my opinion the 5-act version is too long and it serves the work to cut the Fontainebleau scene, both dramatically and musically - Jonas Kaufmann (as seen in the intermission interview) unsurprisingly does not agree.
  • Jonas Kaufmann is probably the most convincing Don Carlo on stage since Plácido Domingo, italianitá or not.
  • For once Carlo a believable alternative to René Pape´s King Filippo, of which everything has been said previously on this blog on more than one occasion.
  • This version includes the wonderful lacrymosa, later to be incorporated in the Requiem, sung by Filippo after Posa´s death.
  • Most regal of the cast was Anja Harteros in both appearance and with a wonderful bloom to her singing. Though I can fault her nothing, and many may feel she lacks nothing at all, I miss an emotional connection with her. Marina Poplavskaya provides this, but vocally she is not at Harteros´ level.
  • A better lead trio may not be seen today.
  • Daniel Boaz did his best as a late substitute for Mariusz Kwiecien, though I´d have preferred the latter.
  • Anna Smirnova has heft but not much else as Eboli.
  • A Grand Inquisitor in his prime would be great for a change.
  • This performance will not be released on DVD (according to Munich Intendant).
  • Asher Fisher was good, has vastly improved (or learned) from his years in Berlin with Daniel Barenboim.


Rob V. said...

I see what you mean, as far as Anja Harteros is concerned. In about everything I see of her there's this lack of real emotional attachment. As if there's no soul behind it, no personality. It is really disturbing to me. Vocally she's top notch.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. You keep taking long breaks. Can you write something about the situation at the Royal Opera in Copenhagen?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I agree 100% with your observations...and when it comes to Mr Kaufmann´s portrayal of don Carlo , this was the first time I could actually relate to that trouble character.

marcillac said...

I agree with pretty much all of what you say Mostly and while Harteros was by far the best Elisabeth I've had the pleasure of seeing live she was as not as dramatically committed as might be ideal. However, I saw the January 19th performance in the theater and I thought she seemed more involved than in the livestream. I don't think her performance was that different but I was actually able to see her better in the livestream and the lack of commitment was more evident.

I would say that she has been very involved on several occasions I have seen her, specifically as the Figaro Countess in multiple performances, a superb Marschallin in Munich last summer and most especially in every way a riveting performance in the same role in Vienna last month.

mostly opera... said...

and then comes her intonation problems - sometimes more obvious than at other times, but never entirely gone. In this DC she was actually not too bad, but in "tu che la vanita" she is somewhat off the mark. HOWEVER, just listening to Marina Poplavskaya´s Elisabette, who is entirely compelling as an actress, but absolutely no match for Harteros vocally, her (MP´s) aria is almost painful.

I do think the best thing I have seen Harteros do was Alcina in Munich probably in 2007, with commitment and all.

Btw I heard the Intendant of the Vienna State Opera say that Harteros was the best Marschallin seen in Vienna since Sena Jurinac, considering that everyone of note has sung that part there, that is no small praise for her.

Anonymous said...

for this to be released on DVD/TV it would have to filmed professionally, that was not the case, just barely good enough for streaming purposes.

Anonymous said...

Jonas Kaufmann is the best on earth:)

Anonymous said...

i mean best tenor :)

Andromakhina said...

Well then it was stupid of the Bayerische not to record it, because a Kaufmann - Don Carlo DVD is NEEDED. Honestly, I find it quite silly that we have two Villazón DCs of varying quality and no Kaufmann yet. Maybe he should do it for the DNO: they seem to issue DVDs for any performance whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Oh how much I'd love to see this on DVD!

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