Thursday 18 August 2011

Muti with the Verdi Requiem in Salzburg

Verdi Requiem. Grosses Feststpielhaus, Salzburg Festival. August 15th. Riccardo Muti conducts the Vienna Philharmonics. Soloists: Krassimira Stoyanova, Olga Borodina, Saimir Pirgu, Ildar Abdrazakov.

  • Muti conducted not without nuance, but his version of the Verdi Requiem is still mainly brisk and powerful
  • I still wonder to what extent the Vienna Philharmonics could actually play this piece without a conductor, though obviously someone has to coordinate between orchestra and choir
  • Olga Borodina was in booming voice, seemingly oblivious to fellow colleagues as well as the conductor and absolutely NOT blending in with Krassimira Stoyanova´s distinctly different vocalism and significantly smaller voice.
  • Well done by Saimir Pirgu, while Abdrazakov did not have an exceptional day
  • I spotted a total of 5 women in the orchestra (one concert master, the rest strings). This does not indicate all five are members of the Vienna Philharmonics as the orchestra often hire "seasonal employers" for the Salzburg Festival.
  • After the soprano´s initial "libera me", in the orchestral pause a cell phone went off...
  • Grosses Festspielhaus was sold out despite the distinctly antisocial hour of this concert (11 am). Later I found out that this day is a national holiday in Austria, which does not influence the hour of the concert as the Vienna Philharmonics traditionally play several series of concerts at this hour.

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Anonymous said...

Mostly Opera, you didn't mention the AMAZING silvery trumpet fanfare - the like of which I have never heard before, which resounded around the concert hall - never endingly, it seemed - with a sweetness that brought tears to my eyes - and to many others, I'm sure. I read in the paper that Muti had placed the players in the niches (Lamellen) of the concert hall walls. Helen

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