Tuesday 23 March 2010

Villazon comeback in Vienna

As in January 2008, Rolando Villazon chose Vienna for his comeback, this time as Nemorino (L´Elisir d´amore), after vocal chord surgery. A logical choice, as he is much loved there, and audiences predictably reacted with major ovations including 5 minutes applause after "Una furtiva lagrima".
Others were rather critical of his performance, to put it mildly.

However, Nemorino is a sort of warm-up round and the next months will show. Next up is Eugene Onegin in Berlin next week in a 100% pre-choreographed Achim Freyer production where he cannot hide behind neither acting skills nor Barenboim´s orchestra.

Until we know how this turns out, why not live in the past: Same singer, same production, same place...same voice?


curzon said...

I had to review Rolando's festival hall comeback on Monday. Far from being the hoped for triumphant return it was a toe curlingly embarassing evening with the tenor completely at sea in uncongenial repertoire and struggling to produce a consistent sound. One of the most horrible evenings I have ever spent in the concert hall.

Anonymous said...


curzon said...

It's sad but he probably should stop now. His voice is clearly ruined and totally unreliable as an instrument.

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Anonymous said...

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Mike said...

Such a amazing opera singer.

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